It’s a bitterly cold day in Seoul and in a not so unusual turn of events, I spent the afternoon hiding out in a hipster coffee house, praying for spring to come quickly. My friends who are willing go out in nearly zero degree temperatures just for a cup of coffee are coincidentally the type of friends who like to sit around and talk about ambitions, motivators, and life lessons we’ve (often) learned the hard way. Today our winding conversation led to a discussion about what truly makes us happy. This chit-chat paired with glancing through several architecture and home design booklets got me thinking…

Living in a bustling city of nearly 26 million people, my 250 square foot slice of serenity and solitude is my studio apartment. Actually, I had a dream two nights ago that some horrific, apartment-stealing person was trying to force me out of my tiny little place. I woke up at 4:00 a.m. with a clenched jaw gripping the covers.


I love my little place and I wanted to share it. I started with a blank white box and a river view: the perfect backdrop for my hodgepodge trinkets. Come inside…

Style aesthetic: simple, eclectic, warm.

Must haves: Candles, lots of soft pillows, green plants, soft lighting, meaningful trinkets.

dried flowers, apartment, studio, apartment, seoul, simple, style, white

Dried flowers

seoul, apartment, studio, korea, style, candle, blue, white

Vanilla and volcano


style, seoul, studio, apartment, korea

Odd, little triangle man watching over my room

egg, judgemental, apartment, seoul, studio

The most judgmental egg you’ve ever seen

ceramic, wood, elephants, blue, white, brown, thailand, apartment, seoul, korea

Wood piece and blue ceramic dish from Insadong, Seoul. Elephants from Thailand.

studio, apartment, seoul, korea, diffuser, humidifier, wood, white, incense, essential oils

Humidifier and essential oil


Cotton blossoms

bedding, seoul, studio, blanket, pillows

singapore, ceramic, chinese, makeup, apartment, seoul

Ceramic cups from the chinese market in Singapore.

apartment, seoul, makeup, korea

coffee, grinder, coffee bean, fruit, apartment, fresh, white, orange, kitchen, apartment, studio, seoul

Coffee bean grinder

Ceramic dishes from Singapore

Ceramic dishes from Singapore


My view of the Yanghwa Bridge on Seoul's Han River

My view of the Yanghwa Bridge on Seoul’s Han River