This weekend, I fell in love with Seoul just a little bit more.

There are too many things to love about the vibrant, complex city. Aside from the heavenly food and historic palaces – the flawless people and their impeccable style is the most intriguing part of the city.

Hanging out at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza for Seoul Fashion Week (March 20th-25th) was unlike anything I’ve done in Korea and is hands down my favorite thing I have done.

I should mention, I’m no fashion expert. I’ve never been to New York Fashion week or anything like it. In my head, when I think of events like Milan or New York Fashion Week, I picture crowds of sleek, chicly dressed people in dark colors.

Seoul Fashion Week was nothing like that.

Seoul Fashion Aesthetic

The unique thing about Seoul Fashion is that it’s a little…wacky. The Korean fashion aesthetic is more outlandish than anything I’ve seen in other major, international cities. Seoul style is quirky – and subsequently it’s amazing to witness.  It doesn’t hurt that the typical, slender Korean body type lends itself to making almost anything look good. If you walk the streets of Seoul today, you’ll see a lot of bucket hats and perfectly round, gold rimmed glasses (often without the glass).

What’s perhaps more interesting is that, aside from the bold dress of Seoul’s fashion lovers, a lot of Korean people tend to wear the same thing.

On Saturday, I was strolling the streets of Hongdae (A young, university neighborhood packed with restaurants, shops, street musicians and crowds) looking for a new outfit. There are hundreds of tiny boutiques lining the bustling streets of Hongdae but with the exception of a few thrift shops, the merchandise at these stores looks virtually the same. Many of the stores actually sell the same merchandise, and often it only comes in one, seemingly miniature size.

So if you’re not going all out and shopping at department or designer stores, you are limited to the simple blouses, plaid shirts, and printed sweatshirts that fill so many of the shops in Seoul.

The Main Event – Seoul Fashion Week 2015 (Saturday)

Despite the fact that alot of Korean people dress similarly on a regular basis, you can imagine that no two people were dressed alike at the Seoul Fashion Week events. Fashion Week was at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza, an 85 thousand square foot, futuristic building that opened last year.

I attended the events with two friends. We walked in the front entrance of the plaza, a bit unsure of where to go. We also didn’t have tickets to any shows. After tiptoeing around the massive grounds for about ten minutes, we finally rounded a corner and discovered the buzzing pit of hundreds of impeccably dressed SFW goers. Check it out below…

Dongdaemun Design Plaza Seoul Fashion Week 2015

Dongdaemun Design Plaza – SFW 2015

As we descended down the gradual ramp into the vibrant, creative crowd of wacky and beautiful fashionites, a photographer put his giant lens right in my face and snapped a picture.

“I think they’re taking my picture?”

Unsure of what had just transpired, my friends and I giggled and kept walking. It quickly became clear that the first picture was no coincidence – the event was full of photographers, bloggers and journalists trolling the crowds for celebrities, models or ordinary people (like us) to photograph. It was fun to strike a pose and feel a little glam even though I was wearing a three dollar H&M skirt and a Target blazer from high school.

I should note that by the end of the day, my friends and I fully embraced our inner models – posing for anyone who asked.


Seoul Fashion Week 2015

SFW 2015

Once we made our way into the crowd and found a post to “people-watch” from, I was quickly and pleasantly overwhelmed by all of the sights. My eye wandered through the crowd – unable to focus on one person for too long. Each outfit that I fixated on out-shined the last. From full denim suits worn inside out, to patterned silk suits – the outfits were unreal. Just imagine hundreds and hundreds of Seoul’s most fashionable people, celebrities, photographers, bloggers, designers and models together in one space.

Are you drooling yet?

Seoul Fashion Week 2015

Seoul Fashion Week 2015

Seoul Fashion Week 2015

A pair of cool-looking photographers – SFW 2015

I didn’t bring my DSLR with me (it didn’t go with my outfit) but to give you an idea of what the awe-inspiring, quirky outfits looked like, I recommend these articles.

Vogue Seoul Fashion 2015 Week Pictures 

Men’s Style

Fashion Shows

Although we didn’t have tickets, we somehow wiggled our way into three shows.

1. Byungmun Seo – Lots of grey and black with spurts of white. Very simple and clean pieces with lots of oversized clothing.  Lots of large, fringe/tassel earrings. Watch the show here.

2. Le Queen – Striking structured, embellished jackets. Fur vests and coats in white, black and pale rose. Outfits paired with silver platform heels. Half of the collection featured more manly, boyfriend cut pants and oxford/Doc Martin style shoes.

Le Queen Embellished Jacket

Le Queen Embellished Jacket

3. Bourie – Alot of black, white and cream with pops of bright tangerine. Simple lines and big, white buttons. See pictures of the show here.

There was a model in the Bourie show whose face was so strikingly beautiful, he could pass as a woman at first glance. He had long hair that was pulled back into three perfect buns (just like the rest of the female models in the Bourie show.) He had sharply defined cheek bones, full lips and nail-like gages piercing through both ears. His beauty is unreal!

So when I saw him wandering through the crowd later that day…I had to take a picture – which turned into a mini-photo shoot.

Bourie Kim Sung Chan Model Modeling Korea Fashion Week Seoul Seoul Fashion week

Kim Sung Chan modeled in the Bourie Show

His name is Kim Sung Chan and yes, we have the same haircut. He has also been on Korea’s Next Top Model. Check out his Instagram: XIMSUNGCHAN

Just for hillarity’s sake…here’s what I wore to the events:

Day One Outfit:

Shirt – Zara $19

Skirt – H&M $3

Blazer – Target (circa 2007) $35

Earrings – TJMaxx $30

Day Two Outfit:

Pants – H&M $18

Denim Jacket – Hongdae Thrift Store $30

Sunglasses – Karen Walker (found at a tennis court near my house) Value: $300

More from Seoul Fashion Week 2015

Instagram has been the best place to look through collections and “street style” outfits from Seoul Fashion Week if you’re interesting in gawking at more amazing outfits. Just search #SeoulFashionWeek or the “Dongdaemun Design Plaza” location on IG.

And remember, if you’re coming into town – don’t forget your bucket hat.