I’ve been in South Korea for exactly two weeks and I’m finally starting to feel like I have settled in.

So far I have been juggling Korean language class, English teaching workshops, adjusting my diet and sleep schedule, attempting to lesson plan for the first time, and trying to make some new friends while keeping in touch with friends and family at home. It has been a lot to handle but I couldn’t be happier to start this new adventure.

For our six week orientation all 76 English Teaching Assistants live on the campus of Jungwon University in Goesan. The other grantees are from all around the United States. Everyone here is so different, kind, smart, talented, and passionate. The highlight of my time in Korea has been getting to know all of my peers. Here’s a look at our group on a recent temple visit.

Temple Visit


The Jungwon University campus where we are living is located about three hours Southeast of Seoul. We do all of our training at the University and there is a good sized town a couple miles away from campus. Here are a few of my favorite views from campus.

My favorite spot on campus


What I’ve realized is that the friendships I’ve already made with my peers have made this transitional time pretty painless.

The BEST friends of course are the ones who introduce you to new Korean desserts. Thomas (center) and my roommate Kelsey (right) have both visited Korea in the past and helped me discover my new favorite treat…팥빙수 (Patbingsu). It’s basically a giant bowl of shaved ice and condensed milk with toppings. The catch is that it ONLY comes in one, giant size. So if you want to eat 팥빙수…you better bring your friends.

I teach my first lesson to Korean students on Thursday. I am teaching a lesson on protesting and all of my students are going to make their own picket signs. I hope they enjoy it and that it goes well.

Here’s a final thought – dried seaweed is actually QUITE tasty. I would strongly recommend it. We have it at almost every meal, (even breakfast.)

Thanks for reading!