I would like to take a moment to brag about the people that I work with every day.

The photography staff at KCCI is one talented group. Their skill was recently rewarded when the National Press Photographers Association crowned them as the 2013 Small Market Station of the Year.

They won the award for sixth time in the last eight years. I can promise you that it’s not a coincidence.

KCCI Photography Staff NPPA

KCCI Photography Staff

So what makes the photojournalists at KCCI top notch?

1. They will do anything for a “cool shot”

On top of cars, running alongside joggers, trudging through snow banks or chasing after a baby pig. There’s no place these photographers will not go to capture an interesting angle that can take a story to the next level.

2. They pay attention to minuscule details

Whoever said, “the devil is in the details” must have rubbed off on this group of professionals. Whether it’s a tiny nat sound pop of a door opening or choosing the perfect closing shot for a story, their attention to detail makes their stories stand out.

3. They care about the product

This is key. KCCI photographers love what they do. They take pride in bringing interesting, visual and important stories to their community. Their passion for news photography makes them exciting to work with and that passion also translates into unbelievable work.

Take a look at some of my news stories shot by KCCI photographers.