An unpaid internship could be the key to your success.

You shouldn’t just take any unpaid internship. It’s important to weigh your desire to work for the company and what you will gain from the internship. Here are a few things to consider before accepting an unpaid position.

The Location: Will you be able to live at home? Will it be close to your college campus? Is it in a big city where your rent will be astronomical?

The Organization: Is it somewhere you picture yourself working in the future? Does the organization add another dimension to your resume and experience? Will you learn valuable skills on the job?

Your Desire: Will you be excited and motivated to go work even if you are not being paid? (This is key!)

The best advice is to do what you are capable of. Of course, an unpaid internship will not pay your bills but it could boost your career. If you work even harder than paid employees at your internship, your dedication will shine through. If you take initiative at your unpaid internship, it could even land you a paid, full-time job.

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