As an anchor for KETV‘s dominant weekday morning show, I cover the latest breaking national, international, and local news. I produce and anchor 8-10 fast-paced news segments daily as the breaking news anchor and fill in for the main anchors as needed.

I am one of the station’s top and fastest growing social media performers, engaging with viewers on Facebook by creating compelling content with a personal touch. I am able to quickly shift gears and kick off my heels, throw on sneakers, and rush out to report live at breaking news scenes. I am personable on air and online, aggressive in breaking news situations, and versatile enough to fill in on practically any shift in our newsroom.


I’m a connector and communicator who has worked in the bustling metropolis Seoul, South Korea as well as in the blistering cornfields of Des Moines, Iowa, engaging with local communities to promote the flow of knowledge and cross-cultural communications.

My strong sense of curiosity led me to pursue journalism and sociology in college. Asking questions and finding answers became my passion and my strength. That passion led me straight to a news reporting job at central Iowa’s leading station during my final year at Drake University.

As a reporter at KCCI, I found answers to complicated questions that impacted tens of thousands of viewers across central Iowa. My determination to keep answering tough questions led me to the Fulbright program where I worked tirelessly for two years in South Korea building relationships and forming connections as a teacher and a representative of the United States. I started at KETV after returning from Korea.


I am interested in working for news organizations, globally minded companies, and media outlets that connect and contribute to the communities they serve.

On this site, you will find my portfolio of work. Please feel free to take look at my resume.

Middle school graduation with students

Middle school graduation with students

Cheering on my students

Cheering on my students

Traveling in Tokyo

My Korean Host-Family

Hiking on Jeju Island